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Exactly what is a travel scratch map?

Scratch maps represent the world, the U.S., or other countries or regions, and are similar to the scratch-off lottery tickets. They have a golden scratch layer that you can scrape off revealing underneath the region you have scratched.

How to scratch scratch map: After you’ve been to a new country, state, region, or National Park, you come home and scratch that particular place you’ve seen. In this way, you can easily track your travels and visualize them all at once to plan future adventures or simply remember your fun trips.

What is the best scratch map of world?

If you are wondering where to buy scratch off map that’s not only highly detailed but also has flags and scratch tools, you’re in the perfect place!

Stop searching where to buy scratch map, is the perfect place to find THE BEST SCRATCH MAPS EVER!

All TRIPA TRIPS orders are made safe & secure through and benefit from Amazon Prime.

What to use to scratch off map?

You can scratch our scratch off map with both included tools in our set.

The scratch pen is better for smaller areas and borderlines. The guitar pick scratcher is best for larger areas. Always tilt your tool at about a 30 degrees angle and apply force to the side rather than down.

How to do scratch map observations or remarks without damaging them?

You can write on the Scratch Map USA on the already scratched-off areas.

We recommend using an erasable marker in case you’ll need to change the message over time.

You can also use bubble stickers to write on those.

How to make scratch off world map look awesome in my home?

Well, first of all, it depends on your personal style. Are you stylish and elegant, artistic, or more a minimalist?

You should also consider choosing the best frame for scratch map your home décor. Does it have natural, wooden textures, a modern and industrial style, or will it be displayed in your kid’s room?

Check out these frame types and choose the best for you!

We have a specific blog post for framing tips & tricks. Check it out!


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