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How to take care of your Scratch off Posters

Updated: Oct 4, 2019

Your scratch off map will arrive rolled in the protective tube.

  • Carefully remove your USA map from the tube.

  • Remove one of the metal caps and place your forefinger on the edge on the US map and your thumb on the outside of the tube. 

  • Squeeze the scratch map while rotating and pulling the map gently out of the tube.

  • Unroll the poster on a flat surface, place a heavy book (or other flat objects) on each corner of the poster to hold it down and allow it to flatten out for some time.

  • Always try to scratch your scratch off map on a flat and hard surface.

  • Keep it clean. Make sure your hands are clean and place the microfiber cloth underneath your hand when scratching it off. This way, you will protect the golden scratch material from unwanted stains and accidental scratch-offs.

If you’re already been to a few American states, you can start scratching the map off with the guitar pick or the pen-like scratcher. Use the cloth to protect your map and clean the remaining debris off.

Next comes an extra fun part: stickers! You’ll find 3 sheets of activity and memory stickers with scuba diving, sailing, skiing, trekking, climbing, and horse-riding so that you can relieve your adventure every time you set eyes on your map. Use the pocket magnifier to enlarge small details on the Scratch off Map of the United States.

We've included also 3M adhesive stickers so that you can "hang" your artwork anywhere you like. If you want to frame your map, stay tuned for our next post about framing tips.

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