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How to Use Scratch Map!

The Scratch off Map of the World or USA Scratch Map is an interactive map and should be used as your heart desires.

Some use the scratch map to scratch off only the places they visited, others to track only the travels they made being in a couple, and there are a few people who track various activities such as their family road trips, religious tracks, or even countries/ regions of their DNA heritage.

How to Scratch off Scratch Map?

You can scratch our scratch off map with both included tools in our set.

The scratch pen is better for smaller areas and borderlines. The guitar pick scratcher is best for larger areas. Always tilt your tool at about a 30 degrees angle and apply force to the side rather than down.

How to scratch off map if I have no specific tools?

You can always use a coin or even your fingernail to scratch off the golden layer.

How scratch map behaves if scratched with a coin?

You can choose your favorite coin to scratch off our TRIPA TRIPS scratch maps. The golden scratch material is easy to scratch and leaves the colored map underneath always clean, even if scratching with a coin!

How to make scratch off map last a long time?

It is best to frame the scratch-off map so that it won’t get creased over the years.

We have chosen the best scratch coating material for our scratch map to make it last for a lifetime. Also, the paper is laminated, which ensures that it will easy to scratch, leaving the map clean even after a long time.

Make sure to have your hand clean before scratching off the map. Also, be very careful if you have long fingernails to avoid unwanted scratches!

What to use for scratch map to flatten out?

The best way to flatten our scratch maps is to place 4 heavy books on each corner and leave it like this for a few days to regain their shape. Remember to place the scratch maps on a hard and smooth surface to protect the thick paper.


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