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The Best Way to Frame a Scratch Map!

You already bought your Tripa Trips Scratch off World Map or Scratch off USA Map, but you don’t have any clue on how to display Scratch off map or how to frame a Scratch Map?

Well, first of all, it depends on your personal style. Are you stylish and elegant, artistic, or more a minimalist?

You should also consider choosing the best frame for scratch map your home décor. Does it have natural, wooden textures, a modern and industrial style, or will it be displayed in your kid’s room?

Where can I find the best frame for scratch map?

There are many suitable frames available directly on Just search for the frame size, and you’ll find classic frames, more minimalistic wooden magnetic frames, or corkboards.

Our Tripa Trips scratch maps have a US standard size so the frames will be cheaper in comparison with customized size frames.

Here are some examples, just make sure you’ll search further for the specific size:

How to frame scratch off map to stand out?

Leave 1.5 –inches white border between the poster and frame. Simply glue the map on the cardboard backing with a photo-safe adhesive spray or have it mounted by a specialist to create an aspect of depth into your design. It will create a visual effect giving a strong focus on your scratch artwork.

How to mount scratch off map?

The best way to mount your Scratch off World Map or Scratch off Map of United States is at a professional shop or if you want to DIY, you can simply use special mounting spray or a similar adhesive to mount the map permanently to a backer board or thick cardboard. Just make sure these boards are not textured.

How to frame scratch map so I can use pins to mark visited places?

The best way is to choose a corkboard to frame your Scratch Map.

This way, you can pin the scratch map on a corkboard and personalize it with location pins, photos, or even small souvenirs from your trips. This way you make it more interactive and fun!

How can you frame a scratch map without damaging it?

You can frame our scratch-off maps simply by being attentive not to scratch it by mistake. After you take it out of the protective tube, use your palms to unroll it rather than your fingers, long fingernails might damage the golden scratch layer.

Next, you need to flatten the travel map scratch-off posters by placing some heavy books on each corner. Leave it like this for a couple of days. Meanwhile, you can start scratching off the places you’ve visited.

The last step would be to frame it & enjoy it!

Make sure to frame it in a cool and dry place. This will help prevent moisture from damaging the materials.

Where and How to Hang Scratch Map?

You can choose any room in your house or office, as long as there is not a lot of moisture all day long (like a bathroom or kitchen).

For the best display, we recommend hanging your frame so that the center of the artwork is at eye level.


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