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Framing Tips

Updated: May 7, 2020

To pick a frame, take into account the visual style of the room you plan on hanging it in. The safest bet would be a smooth black frame, but you can also pick something crazy or something that’s the same style as your home. If your furniture is colored wood, like mahogany, a matching frame might be a good idea.

  • Easy & simple: Use the 3M glue pads to stick the map on a wall or any flat surface or pin the map on a corkboard.

  • Stands out: with a 1.5 -inch white border between the poster and frame. Simply glue the map on the cardboard backing with a photo-safe adhesive spray or have it mounted by a specialist to create an aspect of depth into your design. It’s not the cheapest framing version, but this will create a visual effect giving a strong focus on your scratch artwork.

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